WHY LEARNERS: We help you stay focused on improvement for learners and offer support to introduce a lesson study model for teachers

WHY MOTIVATION: We help you motivate the staff in your organisation to improve outcomes and be the best that they can be

WHY COACHING: We help you to develop a coaching culture in your organisation to improve leadership and to improve outcomes

WHY EVALUATION: We help you to evaluate the effectiveness of your organisation as a whole or in part. This includes providing External Advice for Headteacher Appraisal

WHY PLANNING: We help you to identify priorities and plan actions. This can be as support for subject leaders, evaluation of existing plans or help with writing action plans from scratch

WHY IMPACT: We help you to implement actions and monitor their impact

WHY DIALOGUES: We help you establish Action Learning Sets and meet colleagues working in similar (or different if requested) contexts

WHY ANYWHERE: We help you on site or at an agreed venue

WHY CONSULT: We help you by consulting with stakeholders and by providing the insight of an “external eye”

WHY VERSATILE: We help you by delivering training, facilitating meetings, negotiating on your behalf, drafting policy or organisational solutions

WHY BY DESIGN: We help you with innovative bespoke packages designed to meet your requirements and your context

WHY CAN DO: We help you to research, or will research for you, and can model research methodologies
eg. Appreciative enquiry, action research

WHY NEXT AND BEST: We help you build your next and best ideas
into reality

WHY IN 5 DIMENSIONS: We help you by using a range of strategies to help you think more creatively
and stretch your imagination

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