Why Consultancy Ltd is active in research and development - this research informs our offer to you. Currently we are exploring:

  • High Performance and “motivating the motivated” this incudes gaining
    mastery level qualifications for myself in the USA
  • The development of “next and best generation schools”
  • Visual representations of appraisal and performance management that will help to build a “live and connected review cycle for accountability”
  • The concept and impact of “Professional Altruism”
  • Informed practice and intelligence transfer between and within schools

We aim to be on the cutting edge with our products and services. We will keep the company competitive by a sensible and responsive pricing structure, high quality provision and by meeting customer need.

Wherever possible grant funding will be sought to cover research and development. As a knowledge industry we will share ideas with others whilst protecting intellectual property when necessary. Products purchased are for use in purchasing school only, unless consent is gained to share.


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