Services are provided at competitive rates and value for money partnership options are promoted as part of the core company offer. If we can save you money by sharing costs with partners we will. If we can put together an economy package of several sessions of support (booked in advance) we will.

Our clients and collaborations: What people say about Why Consultancy Ltd


“I love this job! I am motivated by motivating others to realise their potential and to enjoy a verve for life. I promise to do my best for you”

Nina Siddall-Ward, Director of Why Consultancy Ltd

“Thank you for your help with the performance review. I have to say that it was the first time a review has been easy to understand and was a positive experience…”

Governor on HT Performance Panel supported by Why Evaluation.


“… this is great fun! It is brilliant to achieve so much as a team and for us to have a tangible product as a result of the training, thank you.”

DHT during bespoke Why Versatile joint professional development looking at the characteristics of Outstanding lessons.

“Thank you so much for your time, energy and creativity…”

Assistant Headteacher, Secondary College following Why in 5 dimensions work with students


“Our work with Why Consultancy has led to a cultural shift within the school. Through the coaching programme, the whole leadership team are now focused on empowering others to embed AfL strategies in their practice.

This work is having a huge impact.”

Primary Headteacher on Why Coaching

“I cannot believe what you have helped me achieve. Every word in my 5000 words makes sense now!”

Degree student requesting dissertation-writing advice as part of Why Can Do

“Everywhere I look on The Key I find really useful articles and resources that you have written, thank you!”

School leader, London - see more expert contributions here

Course feedback from conference and CPD provided for Osiris Educational describes Nina as “inspirational, personable, very knowledgeable, informative and engaging… clearly has experience and provides practical examples…”


Our company goal is to help you to make a difference. We are motivated to have an exciting, successful company that is a leader in customer service and that has a loyal customer following who regard us as experts in our field and are happy to recommend our services to others. We market our products and knowledge to individuals, organisations and partnerships. We are happy to provide independent consultation and advice in full confidence. Why Consultancy Ltd holds appropriate CRB, Professional Liability and Indemnity insurances.

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