We help you by consulting with stakeholders and by providing the insight of an “external eye. ” If it is consultancy that you need we are happy to help.” eg. audits, questionnaires, interviews, enquiry, observation, group or individual consultancy undertaken.

Why Consultancy Ltd is an independent educational and motivational consultancy business specialising in finding innovative solutions to everyday and complex issues.

Our company goal is to have an exciting, successful company that is a leader in customer service and that has a loyal customer following who regard us as experts in our field and are happy to recommend our services to others.

We market our products and knowledge to individuals, organisations and partnerships. We are happy to provide independent consultation and advice in full confidence. Why Consultancy Ltd holds appropriate Professional Liability
and Indemnity insurance. Services are provided at competitive rates and value
for money partnership options are promoted as part of the core company offer.
If we can save you money by sharing costs with partners we will.

We specialise in

• Educational and Motivational Consultancy
• Support and development of school leadership structures and organisation
• Innovation, inspiration and motivation in team building
• Planning and delivery of support for whole-school improvement
• Support for curriculum design, implementation and evaluation
• Support for assessment for learning, personalisation and learning skills
• Strategic development of school improvement processes at macro and micro level
• Strategic development of monitoring, challenge, intervention and support processes for schools
• International consultancy
• Psychology environmental ecology and educational research at post graduate level
• Policy writing and identification of best and next practice

To discuss your consultancy needs in more detail please contact us.