WHY EVALUATION includes three key programmes:

WHY TEACHER STANDARDS – the full picture is a programme that explores the 2012 Teacher standards and the revised appraisal processes. It is a comprehensive look at the relationship between the standards and the quality of teaching.
This programme can be offered as a half-day or a pair of meetings.

WHY EXTERNAL ADVICE supports governors with Headteacher Performance Management, available as a half or whole day package. The style of the meeting and detailed report (available within day package) will build confidence
in governors undertaking this highly responsible role and ensure that new appraisal regulations are fulfilled. Mid year support is also available.

WHY EVALUATION a programme of bespoke evaluation at whole school or individual level. The programme reviews evaluation systems and where appropriate proposes additions and amendments. Package size is dependent on the size of school and your bespoke requirements. May be conducted in conjunction with other programmes such as WHY PLANNING or WHY IMPACT.

For more details please contact us.